Spinal Health Week: A recap

Spinal Health Week was a great success. It’s always a great reminder of how much chiropractic can help and how important it is to get checked. Not all back pain is the same; here are three examples that were picked up this year.

Case 1 – a patient brought her mum in to get checked. She had a fall a couple of years back and had back pain since. The hospital at the time had checked her and given her the ok. Her physio was treating her regularly with no success. What did we find? Well after that fall, she had actually fractured her spine which was completely over looked and drastically affects her treatment. Two treatments with decompression therapy so far and she is 80% better.

Case 2 – A client referred from one of my patients came in with lower back pain. But looking at his neck something was wrong. After a quick question I found out that he had suffered paralysis of the muscles on the right side of his neck after a forceps delivery. Over 50 yrs with no muscles on one side of his neck. And after his first adjustment the relief he felt was amazing. not to mention the increased mobility.

Case 3 – a patient brought her 14 yr old daughter in who suffers from knee pain. She competes in Latin dance. A quick assessment showed a lack of Achilles mobility and calf tightness that changed the way her knee moved. One little exercise was prescribed. The mum has told me just this week that her knee doesn’t click and doesn’t hurt any more. So simple.

So thank you to all my patients for getting their mates and family in to get checked.

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