Headaches and chiropractic

Headaches are the third most common problem people come to see me with after neck pain and back pain. But there are still so many people out there that don't understand how chiropractic can help alleviate and even get rid of headaches.

I have always told my patients that most conditions are multi-factorial; that a number of factors combine to create a condition. Its rarely the case that one thing on its on causes headaches. Computer screens, certain foods, dehydration and alcohol are just some of the factors that can cause headaches.

But one factor that doesn't seem to get enough attention is the neck, particularly the upper neck. The muscles, joints and nerves that exit the spine all can contribute to pain in the head. In today's day and age where people are constantly in front of a computer and on devices, our neck posture has deteriorate so rapidly that recent research has shown bony changes in the skull of adolescence kids as young as 13 years old. This lack of correct

cervical posture leads to hypertonic muscles, restricted joints and mechanical pressure on nerve roots all of which transfer pain into the head.

Chiropractic is able reduces the severity and frequency of headaches in a large percentage of the population by addressing these issues; factors which are often missed or even totally discounted by mainstream medicine. By restoring normal movement to the joints, increasing the length and functionality of muscles and alleviating mechanical pressure on nerve roots, patients often see immediate change in the headache patterns. Even with patients that have suffered from headaches for years or migraines, with the restoration of normal neck movement, their headaches reduce and often disappear.

So if you suffer from headaches and have tried all the traditional therapies and still can't get rid of them, get in contact and have a chat to our staff and see if we can help you.


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