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Who are TheBackGuys?

Dr Adrian have created a simple, logical approach to treatment that gets results fast. The Back Guys use the latest treatment techniques to get you out of pain and functioning at your best. And having practiced as chiropractor in the Sydney CBD for over 19 years, The Back Guys know what the office worker needs. If you suffer from back or neck pain, have injured a shoulder or just want to improve your golf swing, make an appointment and let The Back Guys find the cause of your problem ... and fix it.

Our Goal : To provide effective, speedy and long-term relief of your musculoskeletal problem.

If you are in pain and want to know the cause and correct it then TheBackGuys is the answer for you. Being the chiropractor in Sydney CBD with over 19 years of experience, we are the team to get you out of pain and back to your best fast.

What do we treat?

At our Sydney City Clinic we treat most injuries, however, some of the common conditions we help are:​

  • Headaches

  • Sciatic pain

  • Back Pain / Neck Pain

  • Chronic shoulder Pain

  • Rotator cuff Injury

  • Wrist Injuries

  • Achilles tendonitis

  • Postural complaints

  • Work Related Injuries / Assessments

  • Hip flexor pain

  • Knee pain

Our unique approach achieves speedy, long term results. 

Why Choose choose The Back Guys?

The condition and functionality of your joints is fundamental. In order to lead a pain free and active lifestyle, you need a strong and mobile spine and aligned peripheral joints. A poorly functioning spine can not only create pain and injury as it affects surrounding muscles and ligaments, it can also lead to cumulative degenerative change over time (osteoarthritis).

At The Back Guys Our patients Learn to:
  • Develop a connection to their bodies and identify issues before they arise.

  • Be an active participant in their healing process by positively engaging in at home exercises and self-care.

  • Identify factors that impact on their health and develop a preventative mindset rather than a fix it mindset.

On your first appointment

You will know what is wrong and why,

what's involved in getting you better

& what you need to do to keep it better.

It's that simple.

Shockwave™ Therapy now available at our Sydney CBD Clinic 
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